Talk of the Trees

The Blessing, photo

Cut down in the dune they lay there. Seemingly defenceless surrounded by the singing nature, to die slowly and crumble to dust. They were allowed to sing their song in all their glory and in all freedom. Outwardly shaped by the tides and the many resistances that determined their growth and development. Protected by the bark they could unfold from the inside. Split by the saw the inside is exposed and every respective tree trunk tells its life story.

If trees could speak
See how the year rings have formed through the years and how wonderful shapes have emerged. When attention is drawn to them, they, with some imagination, are sometimes also direction indicators. The inside of the tree is a universe in itself and has a surprising imagery that stimulates the fantasy. One sees a dervish, the other a dancing girl, an ox or a smiling moon ora biting crocodile, a leaping figure, a budding flower or a flying fish. What do you see?

These photos were taken during my walks through the dunes of Wassenaar. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of perishableness. It has taught me to look at nature with new eyes and respect.