Silent Mirrors

Salsa de Vida

Acrylic on canvas, 140x130 cm

Piercing eyes radiate their light through many forms. The woman in blue explores every possibility. Quietly and utterly centred she bends her eyes towards the East, the North, the West and the South. Listening has no restrictions. She smells, tastes and feels the whispering of the wind softly stroking her skin. The seaweed around her heart wants to move on to inaccessible areas. The power with which it pulls is strong.

Like a four-headed Buddha she faces her “firm conviction”, the Arab. He strictly sticks to his standards and values and acts from tradition. Once his attitude served and protected him, now it works against him. A change of philosophy of life and the coordination of the senses are necessary to explore a broader horizon. In how far is the woman able to fathom the Arab and to shuffle off his oppressive power. Does she have the courage to face the confrontation?

The white Lotus

Acrylic on canvas, 50x65 cm
Private collection

In a sparkling performance of light and not hindered by the circumstances she, the white lotus, emerges from the mud. Slowly she unfolds her leaves like a queen, without pretensions.

Blind spots

Ignorant anchors of traditions
Penetrate the fields of force
Carefully maintained standards and values
Show their oppressive power

Deeply cherished motives
Within old familiar frameworks
Utter undesirable principles
Turn victims into perpetrators

Unconscious blind spots
Seek their way out into the universe
Traverse inaccessible areas
Conviction is my command