Silent Mirrors

Magic Roses

Acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm

The petrified dragon carries the illusions from the world of thought with him and sees to it that they are revealed. The pearl with which he uses his magical powers is concealed in his tongue. In battle his urge of victory is great. The two women are balancing back to back like a pair of scales, looking for balance and Truth. They are linked together: each with their own desires.

Universal laws speak a language that only the heart can understand. They determine the rhythm of life. The women carry richly filled bowls with apples, pears and also a pig’s head. Inspired by the offering pink roses are thrown into the spectacle. Carried by the wind they take their flight for freedom. For whom or what is sacrificed? And why? From whom are the roses?

The big Nothingness

Acrylic on canvas, papier maché, 65x55x10 cm

Emptiness in shape. No colours, no lines, no surfaces, no structure, no direction, no action of the mind. No consciousness? Is that possible? Who is looking?

Hidden gem

Acrylic on canvas, papier maché, 53x50x10 cm

On the path full of obstacles of the quest for answers lie hidden gems; in fits and starts they reveal something of their brilliance. This sparkling makes us long for what wants to be revealed. Genuine gems - however - choose their moment themselves.