Dutch Delight

Weeping Willow, Acrylic on canvas, 100×100 cm - 3D
Collection Gemeente Wassenaar

Joost Verhagen (1958-2013) was my class mate at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts and later also my brother-in-law. He was a stubborn painter with a thirst for recognition. As a young artist he had special exhibitions at leading galleries at that time. During his life time he taught a lot and ran, among others, together with the sculptor Frans Kokshoorn, Studio-2 in Voorburg. His life was entirely devoted to art.

After his death we acquired his extensive oeuvre. When selecting and classifying his paintings in my studio I felt deep respect for Joost and his work. It became visible that in spite of or thanks to his illness he, in my eyes, made incredibly beautiful paintings in those last years of his life. He seemed to have become completely free from obstacles and there was need to prove himself any more. Now he devoted all his energies to painting.

Collection Hervormd Licht

Tribute to a highly-gifted painter
As a tribute to Joost I made, together with Carlos van der Putten my webmaster, a site where you can admire his work. Just as on this site his work is subdivided into various collections. Scroll through Landscapes, Cityscapes in the Hague and Museums. Be inspired by the slanting light of the ‘Hooglandse Church’ in Leyden, visit the pages Memories of never-made travels, and more… To complete the image various quotations of Joost’s have been written down in which he tells about his art and the pleasure of painting.

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