Dragon's Flight

Acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm

S nake-like dragons with camel-like heads march past the horizon as illusions from the realm of thought. Uninvited, from the deepest subconscious they fly across the world. They want to show themselves. They want to be heard and seen. Filled with magic the dragons never stop moving. They change their shape, grow, disappear or reappear. And…what are the pointed, tropical leaves going to do: cut or sting?

In the middle a woman and a lion. They seem emotionless. The woman caresses the lion. He accepts it voluntarily. They form one intimate unity. Danger and vulnerability come together in complete submission. Silent power makes them invulnerable. The blue and green spirals intermix as chemical elixirs. The energy sparkles, in radiation and flow. It is abundance, prosperous and rich.

Dragon's Flight

In one’s thoughts words have free play
Visions tell wild tales
Mixed with colourful images
Echoes emerge from deep vales

Permeated with magic powers
Illusions appear as dragons from the east
Fly all over the world
Knowing how small things can immensely be increased

In a fascinating, illustrious theatre
The dragons play with passion in their heart
And suddenly during the final play they show
The Gem I have tried to find so hard

Heavenly Flight

He takes to cool mountain lakes
Finds his way along ocean streams
Wades through muddy waters
This fickle dragon from my dreams

In the depth he tries to find his way
From bendy roads his way to freedom he fights
Unexpectedly he flies towards the sky
Being guided by the tides

Endlessly big and tremendously small
Forever returning to gain recognition
The dragon will find me wherever I am
Until I sing his song without inhibition