Dance with Saturnus

Acrylic on canvas, 140x130 cm

Between the lines, time passes away and every image tells a story of its own. The spiral tells the story of an intuitive journey, of organized thoughts. It gives shape to a development and stands for open communication. The golden birds are the metaphorical I and the Self. The Self watches as the I picks the bittersweet fruits of life. The butterfly has emerged from its cocoon. Although life sometimes seems to be Russian Roulette or a compass that doesn’t work, the arrangement is – when you watch closely – precise.

There is no such a thing as coincidence, not even for the woman, a Venus in the turbulent ocean. The waves, aggressive sharks from an endless deep. She stands without emotion. The man symbolizes Saturn who shows her what her problems are. The dog, Pietepaf, observes the situation very closely. Meanwhile, time goes by. The spiral runs like a jewel through the canvas. It has a beginning and an end. But in the eyes of the woman, it seems endless.

Heart with Saturn sign

Acrylic on canvas, 24x30 cm

Surrounded by flowers, in the prime of their lives, the heart with the Saturn sign has been given golden wings. Problems have been transformed.

Pietepaf barks

The wind whispers
Saturn’s hard lessons of life
Penetrating the heart
Like a razor-sharp knife

From aggressive waves
Arises the spiral never-ending
Inner images reveal
The stories they are telling

Is it form or is it essence?
Dualism is reality
Which, on the rhythm of space and time
Is moving on unconsciously

Pietepaf barks loud and shrilly
He awakens and wants action
Open-minded, free and easy
Unhindered by restriction