Silent Mirrors

Cup of Tea?

Acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm

At a raging speed she thunders with the seahorse along the Red Thread of life. Leaving the past behind the journey leads to the unknown areas of the future. The past, the moment of the Here and Now and her inner attitude define the direction. Her inner dragons accompany the journey. Like illusions from the world of thoughts they loom up time and again from different angle and in different shape. It seems a random game but she determines however.

The spikes of the fence move to the rhythm. They have a great attraction. Despite the hectic of daily life the lady knows how to keep peace in her heart. She remains focused: she is a spectator as well as a participant. Well balanced she handles the trays with goblets filled with questions, obligations and worries. Full of confidence she experiences the adventure of the unlimited expectations. Would you like a cup of tea?


Chicken wire, papier-mache, a small Belgian cobblestone, aluminium staff, 53x50x10cm

While the ocean flows through me in my imagination the nine seahorses emerge. Each one is unique and placed together they want to communicate and form one whole which changes every time depending on their place.

Little dragon with light

Chicken wire, papier-mache, iron, tea light, 53x50x10cm

Caught in her illusions she looks as if she is made of steel, that little capricious dragon. What does the light she carries with her?