Be with You

Acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm

Fragments of projections from the unconscious never stop surprising us. Shadows march on, wanting to be seen and recognized in the game of life of light and dark.

What is she thinking of, that winged woman in bright green dress on a velvet throne with hideous legs? What is it that she wants to tell you? And the two parrotsā€¦..they have the freedom, but cling to the open cage. What is holding them back?

Hieros Gamos

Acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm

Swords, arrows, knights on horsebackā€¦ Under heavy artillery heads are hunted. Uni-verse, not two. The everlasting battle unmasks illusions: they hinder and no longer serve, they are old.

Touched at heart level wings are strengthened. Freed from narrow cocoons it shows graceful beauty that cannot be caught or grasped. In freedom it will multiply itself. What do the blue butterflies stand for?