Anam Cara pearls

Anam Cara is a Celtic word and means soul mate. It is about friendship breaking all conventions. An Anam Cara experience is a bond of true love in which two souls are joined together.

Inspired by the painting of the same name
In the painting Anam Cara the woman wears a cordless necklace with large pearls one of which is missing. These pearls symbolize unforgettable isolated experiences; the missing pearl symbolizes all experiences still to come. As a result of this and a casual meeting in Beijing with Tommy who had these beautiful large pearls the idea rose for the Anam Cara pearl necklace and to package it in a special way. It has become an enchanted gift of love, a gesture that says everything without words.

It was an exceptional project that I did with great pleasure. I still have some necklaces in possession. Price 450,- euros. If you are interested send me an email via Contact.

Anam Cara pearl necklace
The Anam Cara necklace consists of large baroque pearls with beautiful “lustre”. Every pearl is unique, a gift of nature. The pearls are irregular in shape and have a cross-section of twelve to fourteen millimetres. The length of the necklace is forty-four centimetres including the clasp. The clasp has a shape and size that fits the pearls and symbolizes that missing pearl and unlimited expectations for the future. The necklace, embedded in rose petals and packed in a matt black wooden box is accompanied by an attachment that, among other things, includes an image of the painting with a short explanation and lines of poetry by Pablo Neruda.

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