Anam Cara

Acrylic on canvas, 140x130 cm

T he piano keys seem to move by themselves. The emerald coloured stars move to the rhythm. The spirals symbolize progress and development. The intertwined snakes come together at an energy level. They wind around each other. The lion gets wings. In the centre a man and a woman. They touch each other, very intensely. They are equals.

From the gold cups in their hands a soft yellow light seems to radiate, like waterfalls which change love into a flowing energy. Everything else has become important. These are moments of infinite freedom. The sexual passion has been transformed into an unconditional love which breaks through all boundaries: Anam Cara.

Spirals dance on the piano

Acrylic on canvas, 50x40 cm

Two crowned spirals and three smaller ones. The male part and the female part with both a sun of their own are connected to each other and dance on the piano as one whole.

Anam Cara

Your silence I embrace
We don’t need words
We don’t
Words fall apart
In between us

When I’m with you
I am
I am calm
Like the sound
Of light

Our time together
I embrace
I don’t have to worry
About it slipping
And falling

We turn chaos
Into order