Art is an enlargement from the outer world, meant to stimulate our visual system even more intensely than reality already does.

Painting unlimited

Art should be intriguing. It should strike a chord. The art of Fransje Tacx wants to communicate, it wants to make you think. For example about your own perception. Her source of inspiration is both personal and universal.

The paintings of Magic Worlds and Silent Mirrors tell you a story about a mystic/philosophic experience. A development that is accomplished by means of a language of it's own which rises above the obvious.

Fransje Tacx mostly paints on large canvases. The energy that radiates from the paintings does its job.

They tell a story of their own, filled with deeper backgrounds. As a spectator you are invited to discover the these backgrounds and to let the magic come over you.

You will experience at this website, an exchange of different arts is achieved. By the chapter Magic Worlds you will find animations in flash, short explanations, poems and by the Bushido even a danceclip. Step into a painting and listen to what it has to tell you as if it is a mirror which you hold up to yourself.

Let us surprise you...