Welcome to my world. A world built of mysteries and deeper backgrounds. Art and philosophy are my passion. My intention is to produce paintings which are loaded with energy and will always trigger. For that I am inspired by life itself, philosophic works and a study of old symbols.

Every painting is a new adventure in which my experiences, dreams and views are described. Though my work is defined as abstract, the figurative elements have the most power of expression to me. When designing a painting I know what the main theme will be. I plan ahead but at the same time my work is very intuitive. During the process images come to my mind and finally come together. Every aspect has its own story. Afterwards, it appears that there are deeper levels. That is the power of working from silence.

During the project I discover new colours. As I use multiple layers, unexpected colour combinations and transparent paint, my paintings get that sparkling power of colour which is characteristic of my style. I work by starting roughly and while the process is developing I polish up my technique until the paint says it is enough. That is when you have to stop.

From my own experience I know that the meaning of my paintings will remain in the minds of the spectators for some time. We change continuously. It is an extraordinary experience to become aware of that time and again. It leads to intensification and the awareness of an unlimited inner world in everyone, which is connected to every living being.

Fransje Tacx, Wassenaar, the Netherlands