This website is a production by Fransje Tacx, Art & Communication. It is a website which is about development and progress, connection and understanding through experiencing art. This project could not have been brought to life without the dedication of some very special people. I am truly grateful for this:

Roy de Kleijn
Frank van Olst
Designer website
Arno de Korte
Scriptwriter explanations Magic Worlds
Clownfish Creative Communicatie
Animations: intro website, paintings Juno & Jupiter
and Anam Cara. Lay-out poems Magic Worlds
Luuk Boerman
Logo and designer enclosure Anam Cara pearls
Gert Monnissen
Animation painting Dance with Saturnus &
Dragon's Flight
Mirage 3d
Animation painting Bushido

Maroesjka Verhagen
Choreography and dance Bushido Clip,
poems Magic Worlds
Willem Hoogenboom
Video productions Bushido Clip
Rian Brak
Light, Laktheatre Bushido Clip
Sean Gray
Musik animation Anam Cara
Gerrit Schreurs
Photographer paintings Magic Worlds
Hans Verhagen
Photos necklaces, Bali and Italy
Isabelle Verhagen
Model necklaces, Bali and Italy
Jacqueline van den Boom
Photo’s necklace in box
Henny Lemans
Translation into English
Christa Lemans
Translation into German
André Möhlmann
Feed back

Fransje Tacx, Wassenaar, the Netherlands