Whisperings of the Sea

Strange freaks of nature

The Oriental dragon from the painting Dragon’s Flight lives in the oceans, rivers and lakes. In his beard he carries a pearl with magic powers with which he can change himself from miniscule to immensely big but can, nevertheless, fly high into the sky. During his quest the dragon discovers that from the power of all the combined actions, in whatever form, the perfect composition is the result. There are no limits, everything is possible. It is perfect as it is.

That’s how the necklace Whisperings of the Sea saw the light. Every leaf of the pearl is unique in shape and size. The leaves, here and there alternated with a small pearl, are threaded on a very thin, steel wire made for the purpose. The silver lock is simple and accentuates its luxurious shapes.
The length of the necklace is 50 centimetres including the lock. It is a limited edition.